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Introduction: Constellation Keychain

About: I am a student in University of Oulu, Finland, studying education and technology. My interest is digital fabrication in education.

I made key chains which constellations on it.

I used Inkscape for designing and cut with laser cutter.

It is very easy to make and would be a nice small gift for your friends and family :D

Step 1: Import and Modify an Image

I took constellations from this image. You can choose any constellation images.

1. Import the image to Inkscape.

2. To take the constellations out, change the image as a vector graphic (Path> Trace Bitmap). You can look at the live preview and change the threshold of brightness cutoff. After you apply, you will have a new vector graphic on the original image. Use the vector graphic.

3. To make holes where the stars are, go to Fill and Stroke (Object> Fill and Stroke), select fill: non-fill, stroke paint: black, stroke style: 0.02mm.

Step 2: Edit the Constellations

1. Choose the constellations that you want to have on your key chain and remove all other nods by simply selecting nods and delete (tool bar on the left> Edit paths by nods). You would probably zoom in and select all the unnecessary nods by dragging and delete them at the same time. This was a little bit work for me. But if you choose simple constellation image, it will not bother you that much :)

When you change the size of the constellations, pay attention to the size of the stars so that laser cutter will cut stars out properly. I made diameter of all the stars around 1mm.

2. Draw the lines between starts (tool bar on the left> Draw freehand lines) to show the shapes of the constellations.

Step 3: Key Chain Design

1. Draw a circle of your key chain size. I made its diameter as 40mm.

2. Draw the small circle for the hole for the ring. I made its diameter as 3mm. Place the constellation and the hole on the bigger circle.

3. Select two circles and change fill and stroke as fill: non-fill, stroke paint: black, stroke style: 0.02mm (Object> Fill and Stroke).

Step 4: Laser Cutting

I used 3mm MDF, but it will look great with acrylic boards as well.

I simply put a constellation on each key chain, but you can also write name or message :)

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    4 years ago

    The Dragon is the best!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Why did you place other Constellations not in the center?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you for your comment :)

    Actually, they are gift for my friends. I used the sky map when we met for the first time. The hole for the ring on each keychain shows the place of the North Star. All of us share the North Star :) I did not change the size and the place of constellations, so depending on the distance from the North Star, some of the constellations are placed not in the center.