Introduction: Constellation Light

This is my DIY design for a constellation light, that can be used to learn about constellations or just for room decor. This project was made for the Rapid Prototyping Class at the Chicago GCE Lab School.

Although I didn't have a camera strong enough to photograph the actual constellations on the ceiling, I found that using this simple method does work.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

-LED lights (batteries if needed)

-4inx4inx4in Plexiglas or plastic dome or bowl

-5x5 round turntable

-needle or scissors

-tissue paper (blue and purple)

-clear glue and tape

-black or blue paint (optional)

Step 2: Steps

1) Take the dome and cover it in patches of clear glue

2) Cover the patches of glue with the blue tissue paper

3) Take a solid piece of purple tissue paper and cover the whole bowl/dome

4) Take the tape and place it a the base so you can wrap it around the base to keep it in place

5) Just like step one cover the tissue paper on the dome with patches of glue and cover it with blue patches

6) Using the needle or scissors poke holes that are roughly one millimeter around through the tissue paper at random places of your choosing, or copy down actual constellations.