Introduction: Add a Headlamp to Bicycle

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After looking online and seeing how much they were charging I decided to give it a go myself. The result was a success that is still being expanded apon.My current plans are to allow the lights to be charged via a portable solar/outlet charger that can connect via USB. My onboard computer consists of a voltage regulator, multiple input types (USB & quick connectors), 3-4 outputs to support a variety of lights and the master switch
Required Parts
8 LED Desk lamp
  Front reflector mount from bicycle
  Dremel and sanding, cutting and grinding bits or equivelent toolset
  Small Phillips Head screwdriver
  Soldering Iron + Solder
  Scissors/Razor Blade
  1/4" (approximate) bolt with nut

Step 1: Stripping the LED Light

Lucky for us these lights are built cheap, which makes them easy to disassemble.
Remove the 3 screws from the bottom of the head lamp part and remove the top
I would recommend either un-soldering or cutting the wires to allow easy removal of the trash parts..
In the center of bottom there is a bracket with 2 screws in it holding the top to the stem; remove these screws
Remove the 4 screws from the bottom of the device and again you will see a bracket with 2 screws, go ahead and remove them.
Without the connected wires the stem should come right off.
Save the screws, base and top of the light.

Step 2: Making the Battery Box Mountable

I am going with a zip tie method; we will be cutting four slots in the box so we can run two zip ties through it.
Use your Dremel and a cutting wheel to make a cut as close to the screw hole as possible, repeat this 3 more times making sure to line up the opposing slots.
Insert a zip tie into on of the slots from the bottom then feed it back out the opposite side, do this for the second zip tie then pull them tight (Don't zip them!) so the lid fits on snugly.
Be careful when you are cutting the slots close to the button as they can overlap and stop the button from working
As an alternative you can build a 3 battery pack by connecting three batteries in series as seen in second photo.
(Not shown) I mount the toggle switch on top of the battery pack and then secure it to the frame.

Step 3: Modifying the Lamp to Fit the Mounting Bracket

Using the diagram below you will need to cut about 1/8" off of the bracket. The best way to do this is to slice off some plastic, fit against head lamp and repeat until they fit flush/

Step 4: Determining a Power Source and Button Location

Now you can wire this bike up a couple different ways:
1. Using original battery holder
2. Remote battery and switch
3. Permanent wired battery array
We are going to demonstrate the first option, using the original parts. This method will be much easier as we already have our head lamp, mounting bracket, battery box and wiring.
With your headlamp ready to mount go ahead and secure it, be sure to reconnect any wires that were disconnected prior
With the bracket tightened locate a mounting location for your battery box; I used the top rail as was close to light giving extra wire play.
Test everything by turning the handlebars 180 degrees in each direction to be sure wires have enough play, make sure the light is functional.
Once satisfied secure all parts by tightening zip ties and bolts.

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