Constructing a Water Bottle Filter

Introduction: Constructing a Water Bottle Filter

How to make a simple water bottle filter.

Step 1: Cut a Water Bottle in Half.

You'll need either a knife or scissors. Cut the bottle in half.

Step 2: Place the Halves Together.

Keep the bottom part upright. Take the other half (the half of the bottle where the cap goes) and cover the top with a coffee filter and then place it inside the other half. Tie it in place with a rubber band. Make sure to press down somewhat to secure the halves.

Step 3: Add Charcoal

Step 4: Add Aquarium Pebbles

Step 5: Add Gravel

Step 6: Add Charcoal Again

Step 7: Add Aquarium Pebbles Again

Step 8: Add Gravel Again

Step 9: Repeat Until There Is 1/4th Empty Space Left on the Top Bottle

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    6 years ago

    This would be a fun science class project :)