Introduction: Construction Lumber Headboard

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Take regular dimensional lumber and turn it into something useful. I use a 2x4, four 1x4's, a 2x6, two 4x4's, and 1x8's to make a king sized headboard.

Step 1: Watch the Video on How I Made the Headboard. (subscribe While You're There)

Very easy to make with numerous options. Just make sure you have the width of your mattress so you'll know how far apart the 4x4's need to be. *NOTE-you will also need bed rails for this particular headboard due to the fact that there is no foot board or slats to support the mattress.

Step 2: Cut the Boards to Length

Depending on how high you want your headboard to be cut the 4x4's(post) to the desired height. Next measure from the top of the 4x4's down to about where the top of the mattress will be and that will be the length of your 1x8's. Next measure the width of your mattress and the bed rails and cut the 1x4's slightly less than that measurement. After these parts are assembled you can then measure the width of the headboard and cut the 2x4 to that length. All you should have left over is a 2x6. Cut the 2x6 about 3 inches longer than the 2x4 and it will overhang an 1.5 on each end. Watch the video to understand the assembly process and you shouldn't have a problem. I will list the steps briefly in the next and final step. NOTE* you may or may not have to add blocking to the inside of the 4x4's near the floor to attach the bed rails.

Step 3: Assemble the Parts

Layout two 1x4's and attach them to the top and bottoms of the 1x8's. Next attach the other 1x4's to the other side of the 1x8's which will be similar to a sandwich (1x8's between the 1x4's). Next attach the 4x4's on each end of the panel you just made with screws into the 1x8's. You can plug the screws holes with dowels or just fill with wood filler. The last two steps are to attach the 2x4 directly on top of the headboard and then attach the 2x6 on top of the 2x4 with an inch and a half overhang. Now finish with your choice of stain or paint.

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