Introduction: Construction Manual of Mi-Bot Arduino Robot

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Mi-Bot is an Arduino based robot that can be used for multiple applications. Mi-bot can be easily interfaced with Bluetooth modules. Special provisions are provided on the driving base to attach Ultrasonic sensors, IR sensors etc. The stunning acrylic body also provides stiffness and beauty to the robot at the same time. The driving base of Mi-Bot is also compatible with Intel Galileo boards.

Step 1: Materials Required

  1. DC Motors. (3v 300RPM DC BO motor) x 2
  2. Motor Mounts x 2
  3. Caster Wheel x 1
  4. Wheels x 2
  5. Arduino UNO Board x 1
  6. L293D Motor Driver IC Board x 2
  7. 1.5V AA size Battery x 6
  8. 6 Cells Battery Pack x 1
  9. Driving Base x 1
  10. Top Plate x 1
  11. Mini Bread board x 1
  12. Screw Driver x 1
  13. Nuts/Screws/Washer
  14. Male to Male Connecting Wires
  15. Male to Female Connecting Wires

Step 2: Insert the 3x20mm Screws in Both the DC Motors

Step 3: Attach the Motor to the Motor Mount

Step 4: Attach L-Brackets to Motor Mounts

Step 5: Attach Wheels to the Motor Mount

Step 6: Attach Motor Mount to the Driving Base

Step 7: Attach Motor Driver Board to the Driving Base

Step 8: Attach Caster Wheel to the Driving Base

Step 9: Attach Arduino to the Driving Base

Step 10: Attach Mini Bread Board on the Driving Base

Step 11: Attach the Battery Pack on the Top Plate

Step 12: Attach the Top Plate to the Motor Mounts