(Cont. Project) 3D Printed Wall Mount for a Monitor

Introduction: (Cont. Project) 3D Printed Wall Mount for a Monitor

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Used simple shapes to sketch up and flesh out the two pieces. Fairly easy! The tutorials that come standard with the Inventor are pretty handy, all of the skills needed to make this came with the application.

Step 1: Makerbot Replicator

Converted the CAD files from the AI into .STL files, added to the printer, hit the PRINT button; waited few hours for each part to print.

Printed the monitor plate standing to avoid plastic supports being printed under the hook.

The two printed parts needed a rough sanding to eliminate print supports and flatten out surfaces.

Almost no after-sanding was needed, sanded it very fast.

Step 2: Attached and Tested the Parts for Fit and Measuring.

Had to go find longer screws, as the original were simply too short.
I used an old Hanns-G monitor, A-OK for the purpose of this exercise. Otherwise, the monitor mount fit like a glove, the two parts fit together, with the by-design 1mm spacing between the hook and the loop. Measured the distance between the bottom edge of the wall mount to the bottom edge of the monitor, it was 17 cm. This + the distance desired down to the desk = the height for the wall plate.

Step 3: Attaching the Monitor to the Wall

After measuring a few times, I mounted the wall plate, using drywall anchors.

Attached the monitor, and checked that it was placed correctly, according to measurements.

The two pieces fit very nicely, almost zero deviation!

Step 4: The Final Product!

After some creative cable management and mounting of the computer itself (a tiny Chromebox), everything is in it's place.

It is great, but there is always room for improvement. More to follow!

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