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Introduction: Contain Toilet Overflow

Toilet overflows happen.

If you have a floor type heater vent, the water flows right out of the vent and creates an expensive mess in the floor below. Wouldn't it be nice if the usually minor toilet overflow mess was contained in the bathroom?

Here is a very simple fix to what could be a very expensive problem.

Step 1: Make a Frame

Make a simple frame.

  • I ripped a 1 x 4 to make some 1 x 1 stock. I cut 'em to length to make a box that was the correct size for my heater vent.
    • These things are standardized, normally 3" X 10" or 4" X 10". The actual vent cover is slightly smaller. Make it to the official size.
    • By ripping a 1 X 4, I end up with three finished factory edges. I use them for the outside, top and bottom. The inside, which nobody sees is sawed, and somewhat rough. As nobody sees it, I don't bother to sand it or anything.
  • To do this, make the width pieces to the desired length (3" in this case) and the length pieces to the desired length plus 2 X the width of the wood.
  • A little carpenter's glue and a brad at each corner finishes out the frame. If you don't have a brad nailer, you can use a small finishing nail. Optionally, you can glue and clamp it. This is a low stress situation, so glue and clamp should work fine.

Step 2: Glue It to the Floor

Glue it with "bath and kitchen" caulking.

Push it firmly onto the floor, and replace the vent.

If you look closely, the line between the bottom of the frame and the floor is kinda messy. Once the caulk is dry, I'll run a new bead around the bottom.

Just remember, a stitch in time saves you from a big mess.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I would think that you would want to round those outside corners. I know that I would because if I didn't, I would hit my foot on it every time I had a midnight excursion to the bathroom.