Introduction: Container for Li-ion Batteries 18650 Made of Cardboard

Create an almost free handy magazine for 49 lithium-ion batteries.


We need 1.5 mm thick cardboard, which we can take from a disassembled box, a sharp tool such as a razor, a scalpel or a picking knife, scissors and a quality paper glue.

Step 1: Pattern Printing

We will print a template on a printer and create a template for redrawing individual parts on cardboard. The size of the original is A4.

Step 2: Glue and Cut Out the Parts

Glue the printed pattern with a sturdy paper or cardboard and cut into individual parts.

Step 3: Cutting Cardboard Parts

First, we make 12 pieces of the main partitions of the container and gradually glue them into the grid. We also cut the bottom, 2x side and 2x side with flaps from the cardboard according to the template

Step 4: Grid Bonding

We take twelve main parts and gradually glue them into the grid.

Step 5: Gluing the Bottom

Next, glue the bottom and let the loaded dry. Apply the glue directly to the edges of the grid.

Step 6: Gluing the Side Walls

First bend the side flaps of the hips at a right angle and glue on the opposite sides.

Step 7: Gluing Another Sidewall

Glue the remaining side walls to the flaps and other edges of the container. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 8: Final Product

The tank is ready and we can fill the batteries :)

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