Contemporary Lighting Fixture




Introduction: Contemporary Lighting Fixture

This Modern style is made from 3 metal spoon holders from IKEA. They are brushed steel with nicely distributed holes, inspired me to use them to build this shed.

Material list:

- 3 X metal spoon holders from dollar store or IKEA

- 3 X screw bulb holder (choose any size depends on what kind of bulbs you have)

- 3 X LED bulbs each 7 watts. I used screw type.

- Some surplus wires and aluminum angle, or any section long strip. surplus wood strips also will do length about 50 cm ( = approx 20 inch)

- some screws

Step 1: Safety First

Safety first please:

- Wear gloves to avoid hand injury and electric shock.

- Wear clear safety goggles to protect your eyes. Drilling may cause flying chips to hurt your eyes. Believe me this is absolutely necessary.

- Ear plugs if you cannot handle drilling and sawing noise.

Step 2: Let S Do It

Cut the strips 1 or 2 or 3 up to your taste and cut to 50 cm length.

then fix the bulb holders on the stainless steel tin.

then connect the three tins together with the strips you cut.(if you do not have metal strips, you can use any wood strips, they sit well with the steel tins)

use any available screws but ensure they look presentable to make a professional job.

After that connect the wiring together and test it before handing.

easy breezy, Good luck.

Step 3: Last Words

- Please use LED instead of usual bulbs. This will save you money & energy, and help environment.

- Use warm white LEDS. because pure white will look like a neon and not really good looking.

- this can work also as wall hung light, you may also make 5 pcs like chandelier and hang them spirally (see sketch)

- Sky is the limit...Don't have steel tins? milk tins will do, tins at all, use some hard paper make it cylinder shape and create holes of any shape you think works for you. Even bringles tins will do if you spray paint them and make some holes.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Love this! Beautiful and creative. I'm going to make these for my kitchen.


    5 years ago

    very cool. Like it.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Many thanks. Your instructable of the lantern is quite good also.