Introduction: Continuous Swimming Belt

Get a great workout in your back yard pool.

Step 1: Materials - Fixing Point

I decided to place a fixing point up high so the rope didn't interfere while I was swimming. I simply drilled a hole in the fascia of our house and installed a stainless steel eye bolt. You could tie it to the top of your pool fence, place a stake in the ground or if you are travelling tie it to the pool ladder.

Step 2: Materials - Belt

Firstly you will need a belt that can be worn in the water. I used an old scuba diving weight belt that I had lying around.

Step 3: Materials - Clip

I used this clip so I could easily attach and remove it from my fixing point (eye bolt).

Step 4:

I spliced an eye in both ends of the rope with one eye being attach to the clip and the belt passing through the other.

I learnt how to splice rope many years ago but you can easily learn from this YouTube video

Step 5:

The length of the rope will depend on where you want to swim in the pool. Then you just clip it to the eye bolt, place the belt around your waist with the rope at your back.

Then get in the pool and start swimming continuously without having to turn.

If you would like to add a little resistance then you can remove a section of the rope and install some bungee cord which will pull you back as you are trying to swim.

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