Introduction: Contour-chasing Skateboard

This skateboard is innovative skateboard, the main inspiration from the contemporary aircraft.Compared with the ordinary skateboard, this skateboard has changed the plate surface of the original skateboard and added turbofan propeller and foldable wing to the traditional design of the base.Mainly used in skateboard racing, extreme challenges, and even military fields.

The length of the skateboard is 1.5 meters, the width of the wings is about 1.3 meters, and when the wings fold, the width is less than 80 centimeters, which is enough to support an adult.

Now the car needs to drive on the ground, and easy to be restricted by various factors, and the high altitude helicopter, passenger plane and so on do not have the characteristics of small and flexible, for the above content, produced a can achieve a low speed driving, skimping the ground slide two functions of the skateboard.

Inspired by iron man, the skateboard is rendered in red, yellow and white tones. The surface is tempered glass, so it is dark and transparent, which increases the mystery and sense of technology of the skateboard.

Step 1: Turbine Injector

Introduction: the rear end design of the skateboard is embedded with a mini turbofan injector, so that the skateboard no longer needs human power to slide.The mini turbofan ejector borrows the principle of the turbofan engine in the field of aviation, by inhaling gas, changing the pressure and velocity of the gas, injecting fuel and igniting and ejecting.It is mainly composed of low pressure compressor, high pressure compressor, combustion chamber, turbine, tail nozzle and shell.

Materials: a large number of high - temperature alloy, high - strength steel, ceramics, intermetallic compounds. Methods: the blade of the turbofan is mainly lofting, the shell and shaft are stretched and rotated, and the chamfer is rounded.

Step 2: Skate Board Face

Introduction: due to the design of the engine, the plane surface can no longer adopt the traditional form, so I adopted the structure of the airframe of the class fighter, the front end of the middle end is flat to carry people, the back end is swollen up and down, perfectly embedded in the turbofan injector, and the lower end is opened with air inlet to realize the suction function.

Material: high strength, heat resistant, light tempered glass is used to enhance the technological sense of skateboard through transparent design on the premise of guaranteeing the strength and rigidity.

Methods: the surface was created with the function of modeling, and the cuboid was edited and cut continuously.

Step 3: Base and Axle

Introduction: because of the high speed of the skateboard, the base of the skateboard has added a damping spring to reduce some vibration of the skateboard touching the ground.At the same time, increase the number of screws, and equipped with damping plate, to minimize resonance.

In the place where the wheel shaft and the base fit, three perforated circular holes are designed to adjust the distance between the two tires. By adjusting the distance, the stability and flexibility of the switching skateboard are adjusted.

Material: titanium base, light weight and high strength.

Method: the base adopts the edit of stretch and shape.

Step 4: The Wheel

Introduction: considering the high speed and flight function of the skateboard, the tyre adopts the same inner and outer tyre design as the aircraft car tyre

Materials: the inner and outer tires are made of high-quality rubber material, which can maintain its stability at -40~71 ℃

Methods: the outer and inner tubes were made by modeling, surface creation, editing and thickening.

Step 5: ​The Bearing

Introduction:The wheel and the wheel shaft are connected by the bearing, which adopts the ball roller bearing

Materials: high carbon chromium steel, stainless steel, high temperature bearing steel.

Methods: solid modeling, stretching, ring array, mirror image, etc.

Step 6: Wings and Hinges

Introduction: the wing is a collapsible wing. The folding part USES large hinge with high strength to realize folding function. There are three ailerons at the end, which provide left and right deflection force and lift or resistance.

Materials: the strength requirement of the skateboard is much lower than that of the aircraft, so the lighter magnesium alloy is used. Hinge is made of high strength steel.

Methods: the main body of the airfoil was lofting and stretching, combined with rounded corner and chamfer.

Step 7: Drop Tank

Introduce: the fuel tank inside skateboard and warplane are same, restricted the mileage of skateboard greatly.In order to remedy this defect, the auxiliary fuel tank can be placed on either side of the plate.The tank can be compatible with gasoline, liquid gas.

Materials: mainly made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and oil-proof coating.

Method: edit it by entity modelling.

Step 8: Model Rendering

The skateboard rendering was inspired by iron man, with red, yellow and white tones.

The panel is designed as a dark transparent tempered glass, so that the internal structure of the skateboard can be seen, adding to the mystery of the skateboard and the sense of technology.The wings and vents are red, bold and cool.Red, yellow and white are interspersed around the skateboard.

Step 9: Medium-high Speed Cruise Mode

In this mode, the skateboard travels on flat ground, so the wings fold and fold, while also changing the air pressure to create downward pressure on the skateboard, preventing it from falling off the ground.

Skateboards can travel on land and make flexible turns.

Step 10: Land Skimming Flight Mode

This mode, is driven in unfolds condition, and installed two removable drop tank to expand the range, skateboards are off the ground 0 ~ 5 meters distance high-speed taxi, this height also guarantee the security of the taxi, greatly expand the skateboard scope, but also made up the vacancy of the height distance between cars to the helicopter.
In the condition of flying, the skateboard is more flexible and has stronger crossing performance.

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