Introduction: Control Anything With Arduino and a Infrared Remote

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Hi, this is my first instructable and i thought i would show a quick demonstration of how to control anything such as LED's, DC motors and a whole load of other things with an arduino and pretty much any Infrared remote control. The first time i attempted this it took me a few hours as i found most of the demonstrations confusing so i have made a Youtube video explaining how simple it is. Let me know if you think i should improve anything for future instructables thank you

Here is my video which shows the instructions much better than i've written them on here check out the video and make sure to Subscribe to my Youtube channel:

Step 1: Getting Everything Ready

Things you will need:

- IR Receiver (Photodiode )

- Arduino uno

- IR remote

- Output component such as LED ..

-Small pieces of wire

Make sure you have your Arduino software set up which you can find at

Step 2: Decode Remote

ok now you have everything ready download the first code

first code(all rights to the original programmer) :

then copy and paste into your Arduino library

-Open up a window go to library and upload the one named "iRrecvdemo"

-Then take your IR receiver and connect your output pin to pin 11 on the arduino board and the other 2 pins to the negative and positive on the board(check your IR datasheet for pin outs)

-Now open up the serial monitor which is at the top right corner of your arduino programming window.

- Click the buttons on your remote and you will get the gibrish that the remote is sending out.. note these down.

If your remote happens to send out HEX which is numbers and letters which mine was doing at first you need to convert them into Decimals

The remote i was using is universal you can change the output by holding one of the buttons.

Step 3: Final Step

Ok now we know what the remote is sending out open up a new window copy and paste the second code in.

second code :

Take a look at the code where ever it say's "case" next to that is where your remote codes go so delete anything that is next to it and type the code from one of the buttons on your remote so if pressing one of the buttons gave you "22342" you type that next to "case" and the so on..

now upload and connect 2 outputs i'm using LED's so i will connect them to pin 4 and 5 on the board. You can chage the pins by editing the first couple of lines that say

int forwardPin = 4;

int backwardsPin = 5;

The numbers represent the output pins.

Now press the keys on your remote and it should be working.