Introduction: Control Arduino RC Car Using Android Phone & 1Sheeld

If you want to control RC car with your android smart phone without using Bluetooth module and programming android application, you can use 1Sheeld instead of them .

Basically, 1Sheeld consists of two parts. The first part is a shield that is physically connected to your Arduino board and acts as a wireless middle-man, piping data between Arduino and any Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

The second part is a software platform and app on Android smartphones that manages the communication between our shield and your smartphone and let your choose between different available shields.

The following steps will hopefully guide you to make your own RC car controlled by Arduino and 1sheeld.

follow this link for 1Sheeld getting started tutorial

Step 1: Parts


1. Arduino Uno

2. Motor Driver L293D

3. 1sheeld

4. Robot platform

5. Battery with clip

6. Android smart phone

7. Bread board

8. Jumper wires (Male to Male)


1. Arduino IDE (you can download from

2. 1sheeld app (you can download from

Step 2: the Connection Scheme

1-Connect 1Sheeld on top of your Arduino board.

2-Connect the H bridge with 1Sheeld

Connect IN 1 in h bridge to pin 6 in 1Sheeld.

Connect IN 2 in h bridge to pin 9 in 1Sheeld.

Connect IN 3 in h bridge to pin 10 in 1Sheeld.

Connect IN 4 in h bridge to pin 11 in 1Sheeld.

Connect the first motor with Output 1 &Output 2

Connect the second motor with Output 3 &Output 4

Connect Enable 1,2 &Enable 3,4 with 5v dc

follow the image for pin diagram for Connect other pins

Step 3: Software

1- Now connect Arduino to your computer using USB cable.

2- Download Arduino IDE on your computer.

3- Download 1Sheeld library (you can download from

4- Extract the folder, copy it, and paste it in your Arduino libraries directory..

C:\Users\your pc name\Documents\Arduino\libraries

5- download the Arduino code below and open it using Arduino IDE

6-choose your Arduino board from IDE


7-choose serial port from IDE


8-run the Arduino sketch

9-upload sketch on your arduino board

Step 4: Finally, Connect Your Smart Phone and Have Fun

First, open your Bluetooth,

because 1Sheeld receive Bluetooth signals.

Open 1Sheeld app.

Follow this link to see how connect 1sheeld with your phone

1-Scan for your 1Sheeld and connect it to your smart phone as first picture.

2-After connecting, the shields screen will appear to select required shield, we will choose game pad as second picture

4- Test

5- Have fun