Introduction: Control Arduino Robot Arm With Android App

The LittleArm is an arduino robot kit that you can get here. It doesn't yet come with a bluetooth module natively, but there is an app that was built to allow for control of the arm with an android tablet.

This tutorial gives the basics of attaching a bluetooth module to the LittleArm arduino and using the app to control and record movements.

This tutorial is based on the post by Littlearm on their blog

Step 1: The Parts Needed for the Arduino Robot

The LittleArm Arduino Robot used in this tutorial is a kit that can be purchased from the LittleArm Site. Or the site also has designs and files for creating the arm from scratch. The kit comes with everything you will need except the bluetooth (the kit is for usb control), and an upgraded power supply. The power supply with the kit does not have the amperage to drive the servos, the arduino, and the bluetooth at start up (only provides 6A 1A). So you will need to get at least a 6V 2A power supply.

  1. LittleArm Kit (or build 1 yourself, resources here)
  2. HC-05 Bluetooth Module
  3. 6V 3A Power Supply

Step 2: Download the App

The LittleArm bluetooth app is a free in the Google Play Store.

Just download it onto a phone or tablet that has bluetoother.

Download Here

Step 3: Wire Up the Bluetooth Module

The HC-05 module is very easy to implement.

Just attach Tx to Rx and the other Rx to Tx. (see diagram above) Then attach it to the 5V pin on the arduino.

Note: While this wiring method works fine, there is a danger of damaging the bluetooth module from a voltage mismatch. If you have time and are willing, you can wire up the bluetooth module according to this tutorial.

Step 4: Check the Arduino Code

If you purchased the LittleArm kit, the arduino is already installed with the software you need. If you built your LittleArm from scratch then upload the attached code to the Arduino Uno. Other software is available here

Step 5: Enjoy Playing With the LittleArm

Once everything is all assembled and uploaded. Just plug in the arm. If there are no problems the arm should go the extremes, then when you connect the app and start moving the bars it will adjust and follow.

The App is really fun because it allows you to record waypoints that you can playback later.

For other tutorials and resources you can visit the LittleArm website, they have a bunch of cool things you can do with the kit.