Introduction: Control Arduino With Facebook - the Easy Way

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Hello Friends Today I'm gonna show you how to connect your Arduino To FACEBOOK and remotely control your Arduino From anywhere in the world through your Facebook Account. Ok this is how it Works, there's a Facebook account which is connected to Arduino through a computer.

Then we send a message to that Facebook account which the arduino is connected. That message contains an instruction which is then sent to the arduino from your computer as a Serial port message.

Then the arduino works according to that message.

Step 1: Hardware Setup

Connect Arduino to 5 Leds through 470 ohm Resistors

Digital Pins 9,10,11,12,13 Will connect to those 5 LEDs

Step 2: Coding

Upload This Code to Your Arduino

Step 3: Connecting Arduino to Facebook

Use this Arduino + Facebook Terminal Software to connect this arduino to Facebook.

Input the username or ID of the Facebook Account which is for Arduino, next for its password. You can Find Facebook ID from "Get Facebook ID"

Third field for the other Facebook Account's ID that Sends message to this Arduino.

Next Select the COM Port of the Arduino

Keep the Baud Rate as 9600

After making sure those details are correct, Click Connect

Then The Arduino Will Connect to Facebook.

Step 4: Testing

Now we can control LEDs by Sending messages to Arduino's Facebook Account through the other Account.

Send 1

Now the first LED will turn on

Send 2

Now the Second LED will turn on

Send 3 , 4 , 5 For other LEDs too

Send 0 To turn off them all.

By following the Arduino Code, You can add more Cases for more messages to control arduino in various Ways.

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