Control DC Motor Via USB




Introduction: Control DC Motor Via USB

Hi guys,

In this project we will control a DC motor with a Windows PC via USB. Check the video to see it working!

you can visit my website for more information, sample code, schematics ....

Step 1: Parts Required

1x PC or Laptop with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8

1x Simplibox IO USB relay

1x DC motor

2x BreadboardJumper Cables

1x battery pack with cables

1x USB cable

Step 2: Schematic

Step 3: Software

You can download a program to control the usb relay written in C# from our website. The source code is also available for free. Also other sample programs written in Python or C++ are available.

Step 4: Test Your Work

By setting one of the relays ON you will start the motor. You can change the direction of rotation by switching the other relay ON (and the first OFF)...

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