Introduction: Control Dual Axis FPV Camera Cradle With Joystick and Arduino

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Hello everyone,

Today we gonna see the full tutorial on how to control the 2-Axis FPV camera cradle with joystick module, the camera cradle comes in a little package containing some acrylic supports and pieces, some screws and two servo motors.

So here we'll use two methods to control the servos: the first one where the servos follow the position of the joystick and they move while we move our stick, the second one the servos start moving toward the direction where the joystick is pointing and they stay there until we move the stick again or change direction.

Requirement: So please before you proceed, if you're not familiar with the joystick, neither the servo motors, here are two tutorials for you:

- Servo tutorial

-Joystick module tutorial

You can check the tutorial video if you need it.

Step 1: Wiring

Since the wiring is the same for the two versions here is it.

Step 2: Codes

Because I used a lot of codes in my tutorial, I don't want to confuse you with them, because they were only basic codes (servo positioning, joystick can find them in tutorials above) here are the final versions ready to download and use.

You can tell me if you have any problem with this.

Download codes here