Introduction: Control LED Board by Phone With NodeMCU ,ESP8266 and MAX7219

I want to use phone to control the LED board as a turning signal. So, the ESP8266 will act as an Access Point, microcontroller and also a server. The web server will have a simple webpage with 3 buttons: Turn LEFT, Turn RIGHT, and Turn SOS. The text will scroll on the LED boards. For the code, I’ve test two well maintenance libraries which are Arduino Core WiFi and ESP8266WebServer. The Core WiFi does not have good request handling function. So I need to use ‘client.readStringUntil(\r)’ to read request and it is very slow. Then, I switch to ESP8266WebServer library and it runs well.

Step 1: Connect the LED Board to 5V Power Supply

Step 2: Wiring

Wiring PINs from MAX7219 to the NodeMCU

VCC - 5v


DIN - D7 - MOSI - GPIO 13

CS - D8 - GPIO 15

CLK - D5 - GPIO 14

Step 3: Choose Your LED Board Name

In this example, I use FC16_HW. Read more here

Step 4: Setting Up Arduino IDE

This is for NodeMCU 12E

Step 5: Setting Up WiFi AP

Step 6: Handle Request With Each Void Function

Step 7: Upload My Code


Remember to change the pins, hardware type

My code:

Step 8: Video