Introduction: Control LED Using Android Smart Phone

This may not be the first project which uses phone to control LED but to me this is the first.
I have used Android phone to control LED connected to Arduino UNO over bluetooth using Amarino library.

I have used the following things:
-->Galaxy S
-->Arduino UNO
-->BTbee 2.0

The LED can be switched ON or OFF using the toggle buttons. The LED whose intensity needs to be varied, is selected using the radio button and using the seekbar the intensity can be varied.

Have a look at the video below:

You can download APK file and Arduino code at mediafire.

To use the file, you need to connect PINS (pwm pins of arduino) 9,10,11 to positive terminal of LED. Connect the negative of LED to the Arduino's GND. And don't forget to connect your bluetooth device and power them.
Also don't forget to download Amarino library for Arduino from their website only then you can burn your Arduino code to your atmega328. (Just google Amarino!)
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