Introduction: Control Led All Over the World Using Internet Using Arduino


I am Rithik. We are going to make an internet controlled led using your phone.

we are going to use software like Arduino IDE and Blynk.

It is simple and if you succeeded you can control as many electronic components you want

Things We Need:





some jumper wires


Arduino IDE


let's start our Project

Step 1: Connection

Connection is:


D4==========Longer End

Gnd=========Shorter End

Step 2: Setting Blynk

Now We are going to Set up Blynk

Step 1

Download and Install the Blynk app

Step 2

Create an account in your email (Make sure you have access to the mail because you will receive auth token)

Step 3

Click Create New Project

Step 3

Write a name for your project and select board as NodeMCU, hen you will see a new box appearing at last, select Wifi in that. Then select create

Step 4

After you create you will see a new window shows "auth token have sent to your email" Just Click ok

Step 5

You will see a clear window, click anywhere in the window and you will see a column right side select button in that and place anywhere click on the button and you will see a new window you will see a "Button" Below the picture. Type there a name like LED and you will see "Pin" click there and select D4, then change "Push to switch" then go back that all you need

Note: For more Clear tutorial for the Blynk set up Please Download and watch the Video Below

Step 3: Code NodeMCU

Install Arduino from the link below or if you are in Windows 10 just install it from Microsoft store

Download library below :

unzip the library

Go to sketch => include Zip => select the library we Downloaded.

It should show you at the bottom that "Library is added"

Start Arduino and open Preferences window.Enter into Additional Board Manager

then close the window

Then go to Tools =>boards=>Boards Manager and type in the search box ESP8266 and install the board

Now go to Tools=>Boards=>and select NodeMCU and also go to connect the NodeMCU with your micro USB

Now go to Tools=>Ports and select the only option.

Now go to the link and copy and paste in Arduino IDE

In the code, you enter your auth token which you received from blynk in your email (paste the auth token in your auth token)

Now enter Wifi Name and Password in the place where it shows wifi name and wifi password

then You will see a right-pointing arrow in the top right corner that means upload click on that (make sure your NodeMCU is connected to your laptop)

Mostly Done!!

Step 4: Final Step

Now open Blynk and you will see a rotated triangle or play button in right side corner click on that

Now click the Button your led should Glow

Now you are done The Tutorial

If you have any Questions or Issues,

Please email me on

Thank You,

Hope you enjoyed this Tutorial