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Introduction: Control Robot From Android Mobile Device

About: I build robots to encourage others to do the same. I believe the future is in robotics and playing a part for the future is my passion. Check out my website to see what else I'm up too. :)

Control a robot with an Android or iOS Device, Phone or Tablet. You can now control a robot with your phone or tablet. Visit to download the EZ-Builder Mobile Robot App.

1) In this video, I am going to demonstrate how you can create and load an app on your mobile device

2) Before you begin, download and install the latest copy of EZ-Builder from the ez-robot website

3) We are going to use the Revolution Six project for this example

4) Load your copy of EZ-Builder

5) Select Open, choose examples and select Revolution Six

6) This is a basic project which includes an auto position control to move your robot and a camera

7) We're going to add an audio feature to this project. Project, Add Control, Audio, Microphone.

8) If we were to save this project to the cloud as is, only the desktop would be displayed to users. And that may be confusing.

9) Let's create a custom interface for this app.

10) Select Project, Add Control, Mobile and choose interface builder

11) Press the Gear icoon to open the configuration settings

12) Here we can begin designing our mobile interface

13) You can either select a template image for the background, or choose your own. I will select a background image from the template.

14) I will add a connection status button. This will display the current connection status, and open the connection control when pressed.

15) Now i will add movement buttons. Add a forward button, Left button, right, and so on.

16) Lets give this project a camera view

17) I will now add the ez-b cpu temperature and ez-b voltage statuses

18) Let's also add a button which will open the microphone control

19) Add a button and edit the button script event

20) Select Control Details to view auto generated code

21) Select the ShowControl Microphone option

22) The code will be inserted into your script

23) Press Save

24) Now we are done our example interface, i will save the configuration

25) In EZ-Builder, we can use all of the buttons to test our user interface.

26) We now have a few controls in our project. When the project is loaded on a mobile device, we will want the interface that we just created to load as default.

27) Select Project, Details. Under the default control drop down, select the interface that we had created

28) EZ-Builder mobile loads its projects from the EZ-Cloud

29) Save your project to our EZ-Cloud.

30) On this menu, you can give the project a name and description. You may also select a custom image that will be displayed for the app icon

31) Press save and wait while the project is uploaded to the ez-cloud

31) On your you mobile, load the EZ-Builder app

32) Select the App Store and choose your project

33) The default interface that we had created will be displayed.

34) We can now press the Connection button and establish a connection to the robot

35) If you are connected to your local home wifi, you will need to connect to the wifi of the EZ-B.

36) Press the WiFi button to open the wifi settings and select the ez-b

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