Introduction: Control Your Bedroom Lights With a Simple DIY Push Switch

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OK, we'll just say you've just finished watching a scary movie per say, the grudge or something. When I watch a scary movie i walk into my room, turn the light on walk to my bed turn my night lamp on than go to the door to turn my bedroom light off. Yes, its true, after watching a scary movie we don't really want to be in the dark unless if we are under our actual covers.
So in this instructable i'm going to show you how to prevent that by "improving" your room.
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Now moving on....

Step 1: Your Materials

Sorry but only a few of the materials have pictures.
The materials needed for this are,
a motor
a soldering pencil
2 push switches
duct tape
batteries (9V)
battery connectors
wire cutters

Step 2: Connect the Batteries and Push Switches Together

so first connect 2 wires to your switches, one per lead. Than connect one of your push switches leads to a negative (black ) terminal of one battery connector, and the other push switch connects one of its  wires to the positive lead of the other battery connector. So right now you still have two different parts.
The last two pictures show that the wires on the push switches that are not connected to the battery holder have to be connected together, with another wire that is as long as the wall you want to run it across. Its a 3-way connection.

Step 3: Connect the Motor

Ok, so take the two wires you just spliced together and connect that to a lead on your motor.
Next connect a length of wire to the other lead on your motor.

Step 4: Connect the Rest of Your Circuit

Take that wire and cut it the same length as your other long wire.
Connect that to the last two unused leads, the ones on your battery connectors. (I soldered them)
Don't forget to use electrical tape!

Step 5: Creating Your Control Box

Using plexiglass I got from hobby lobby I made a small box about 1'' by 2'' using hot glue on the seams.
I made 2 small holes for my push switches to show through. After that I made a hole for the wires to come through.
Do Not Put The Batteries In The Box, for when they run out of battery you will be pretty upset.

Step 6: Find an Adequate Place for Your Control Center

I found a nice spot under my nightlight next to my bed as mentioned in the story at the beginning.
I used duct tape to secure it because it will stay put but not a problem if I end up having to move it

Step 7: The Motor Stand

After the "hard" work i made a stand to hold the motor using cardboard and double sided tape. But you can use whatever you want and make it more colorful. 
Now your ready to connect the motor and since it s on cardboard or plastic or something you can hot glue it.

Step 8: Finishing Up

now all you have to do is put on a lever. 
After much experimenting i used an orange knex connector piece because the length was perfect, it fit on nicely, without glue, and if it snapped off, it didn't break and could go right back on.

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