Introduction: Control Your Device Using Android WiFi Esp8266 Control

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now we will know how to control devices using esp8266 WiFi module and Arduino

control your device using Android WiFi control

for more info. click the link mohamed ashraf

Step 1: Add Refrance Url

you can add this URL in setting - preference like the attached photo to download library and module

Step 2: Add Wifi Library

from tools menu choose manage library then search for (wifi dev ed) and install it

Step 3: Add Module Board

from tools menu choose board >> boards manger search for esp8266 and install it

Step 4: Upload Sofware to Your Esp8266

open the Arduino IDE file and change the (ssid and user name) to connect to your router

connect the power pins of esp8266 esp pin1 ground esp pin (8&6) to 3.3v of arduion

esp pin7 to 0 pin Arduino

esp pin2 to 1 pin Arduino

esp pin5 to ground only before upload the file

reset pin of Arduino to ground

then choose esp8266 board and it's board and upload the file to your esp8266

Step 5: Upload Sofware to Your Arduino

upload wifi_arduino.ino to your Arduino board

after that connect (esp8266 TX,RX )pin to your (Arduino 2,3) pin

Step 6: Smart Remote Software

install .apk file on your phone

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