Introduction: Control Your ESP8266 From Anywhere in the World

How can I control my ESP8266 from anywhere and don't need to setup my Router Port for control from Internet?

I have a solution for that problem. With the simple PhP-Server i wrote, you can add an ESP8266 control ESP8266 GPIOs from anywhere in less than 3 minutes!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

Highly recommend buying esp8266 NodeMcu. We can simply plug it into PC and use it as an arduino.

Step 2: Register Your Free Account

First you need to create your free account at my free server. Go to http://, type all your details and submit your registration.

Step 3: Program Your ESP8266 With Arduino Code

Code for project here 

Recommend board with ESP8266 v12, and edit the GPIO name you want.

Note: Have two lines you should edit folow:

const char* host     = ""; 
String path          = "/esp8266/test/xxx.json";//xxx is your-username";

Step 4: Check It With Serial Monitor

All done, That's very simple!