Introduction: Controling a Soccer Ball

Controlling a ball is very essential in soccer, it could be the difference between controlling a game or throwing it away, I've been playing soccer for 7 years and I've learned there are three main ways to control the ball. There is control with your foot, your knee, & with your chest. This instructable will help you master the technique of controlling a soccer ball. We were inspired to make this instructable because we wanted to help people with the techniques of soccer and realize its beauty, the satisfying feeling of controlling a soccer ball in midair, we wanted to share our knowledge with the rest of the world.

Step 1: Just Some Tips

•You should always warm up before playing soccer to get you're body nice and loose




•Touching the ball

Step 2: Foot Control

Control on your foot is very important you will always use your feet in a game situation so learning to control a ball is essential to a soccer player

So when the ball is coming down you want to keep your foot firm and try to bring it down with your laces/the top of your toes

Step 3: This Is What Foot Control Looks Like

Step 4: Knee Control

Control with your knee is also very important it allows you slow down a fast paced ball down and control the play

When controlling a ball with your knee you want to basically let your knee absorb the impact of the ball with your knee wherever position is comfortable

Step 5: Knee Control Warm-up

Step 6: It Should Look Like This

Step 7: Chest Control

•Chest control is very important for controlling a ball that comes to you above your hip level.

•Its all about placement , if you place it wrong it could just bounce over you , bounce up or just bounce back .

•You want to absorb the impact so it falls straight to you feet

•You do that by pushing your chest out or leaning back a bit a little right before it hits your chest

Step 8: This Is What It Looks Like

Step 9: Practice Makes Perfect

We hope you find this instructable helpful and don't get frustrated if you don't get it right away. If you really love the sport failure is not an option, even an expert was once a beginner, practice makes perfect.