Introduction: Controller for Snowboard Games

A realistic controller for playing snowboarding games online.

If you are a snowboarder and want to shred during the summer you can do it online. There are a number of games that emulate snowboarding.

Snowboard King is an example.

The problem is the game is controlled by the keyboard, not very realistic for a snowboarder.

The challenge is to use a real snowboard to control the game.


What you will need:

a) Snowboard

b) Makey Makey

c) Cardboard

d) Tinfoil

e) Tape

f) Golf ball

g) Glue

h) Tennis ball

Step 1:

Wrap the golf ball in tin foil. You will need a 14 cm circle of tin foil. You can cut wedges out of it so it will wrap around the ball with fewer “edges”

Step 2:

Make a cardboard base 10 cm by 27 cm. Cut two pieces of cardboard 4 cm by 27 cm. Fold them in half on the long axis, leaving you a 2 cm base and a 2 cm “wall.” Glue these to the base leaving a 4.5 cm space for the golf ball to roll in.

Step 3:

Now you need to make the end switches. To do this glue a piece of tin foil 4 cm by 8 cm to the end of the base.
Cut out a small rectangle in the foil so the upper part of the switch could be glued to the base.

Step 4:

Cut two 4 cm by 5.5 cm pieces of cardboard. Bend in the middle leaving a 2.5 cm base and 2.5 cm standing up. Glue foil to the top 2 cm, carry it around to the back.

Step 5:

Glue one piece in each end of the rectangle. You just completed the switches.

Step 6:

Wire your switches to the Makey Makey. To connect the top part of the switch, use a pencil to make a small hole in the side of the rectangle. That keeps the alligator clip out of the way. These can be connected to the Left and Right arrows on the Makey Makey. The foil on the base can be connected to the Earth on the Makey Makey.

Step 7:

With tape mount the switch on the tail of the snowboard.

Step 8:

Make a simple switch to place under the tail of the snowboard. To do this cut a piece of cardboard 16 cm wide and 24 cm long. Fold the cardboard leaving a 12 cm base and a 12 cm top. Glued tin foil to the top and bottom, making sure you have enough contact when the switch was closed to function. Notice that the tin foil is off set the foil so the alligator clips do not short out the connection.

Step 9:

Remap the Makey Makey so the down arrow is the N key, used for jumping. Use this site to accomplish this task.

Step 10:

Put the switch under that tail and connect it to the Makey Makey Down Arrow

Step 11:

Time to give it a try. With your Golf Ball switch taped to the back of the snowboard and the flap switch under the tail load the Snowboard King game.

Set the snowboard on the tennis ball (the middle of the board worked best).

Step 12:

Happy Shredding

Step 13: Video of the Project