Controlling Edison With Python

Introduction: Controlling Edison With Python

This is a project to become familiar the Intel Edison and Intel Arduino expansion board.

In the meantime I finally learned some Python code.

It has been a while since I have used Linux and now I had to do it without a Gui Window front end and no mc (midnight commander.) I used vi and MobiXterm to program the following python Example.

Step 1: Attach Sensors to Intel Ardunio Expansion

Attached button switch to D3 - Digital I/O 3

Attached LED module to D4 - Digital I/O 4

Attached Buzzer to D8 - Digital I/O 8

Attached LCD panel to I2C0

Attached Potentiometer to A4 - Analog 0

Attached Light Sensor to A1 - Analog 1

Attached Temperature Sensor to A2 - Analog 2

Step 2: Python Program to Run Example

I saved the attached program in /home/root/python

# python

The program will wait till you touch the button.

Next it read the temp, light sensor and potentiometer values

It will print the out on the LCD panel and console.

If you twist the potentiometer it will change to color on the LCD display

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    That sems to be a 9V batter. Is it enough to power the edison and other sensors? Can you send the schematic of the battery connections?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. I particularly found the info about the LCD modules helpful. BTW, there seems to an error in the conversion to Fahrenheit as my Python interpreter did not add the 32 at the end (so I added some parentheses to the expression) :(

    Awesome gadget! Welcome to instructables, hope we get to see more amazing builds in the future from you!