Introduction: Controlling LED With Android Phone Via BLE (Bluetooth 4.0), MangoCube App and Arduino UNO

This Instructable shows how to send data from Android device to control LED on Arduino UNO.
You will need at least of the following components;

1. Arduino UNO or compatible board.
2. MangoCube BLE Board ( )

3. BLE(Bluetooth 4) enabled Android phone/tablet
4. MangoCube BLE App (free to download on Google Play).

Important : Please check out this Instructable first to make sure you are all set to use BLE functionality and use 115200 Baud rate.

Step 1: Connecting BLE Board With MangoCube BLE App on Android

Once you have downloaded and installed MangoCube BLE app on your Android device, go ahead and open the App.

As shown in the Video
Enable the Bluetooth for your device if its not already
Scan for available BLE device
Select MangoCube BLE device (this will aromatically pair your Android device with BLE baord)
Once connected, select the first Application;

On Off

Press the On button, this will send 'H' to BLE board

Press the Off button, this will send 'L' to BLE board.

Step 2: Blinking LED on Arduino UNO/compatible Board With Android Via Bluetooth (BLE)

To control LED on Pin 13 of Arduino UNO or Compatible board, use the code shown in pic(please use 115200 instead of 9600 for the production version on MangoCube BLE and BLE board)

Important:remove all the connection from Arduino UNO or Compatible board's Rx and Tx pins, before uploading this code/sketch.

Once you have uploaded the above code in your Arduino UNO or Compatible board; you need to change the connections made to Arduino UNO/ compatible board's Rx and Tx with BLE board's Rx and Tx. This will be done in next step...

Step 3: Swap Rx and Tx Connections!

Change Arduino UNO/compatible board's Rx and Tx pin connections as shown in image.

Basically Arduino UNO/compatible board's Rx pin will be connected to BLE Board's bTx pin and vice versa.

Once this is done...move to next step...

Step 4: Blink the LED With Android Phone/Tablet

Once you have Rx, Tx connection re-done as per previous step, run the MangoCube BLE App in your Android device (Phone or Tablet).

Please check this video out to see how easy is to control LED light on Pin 13 by just clicking the On/Off button in the App.

This completes the Instructable for Blinking LED on Arduino UNO/compatible board with Android device!