Introduction: Controlling Led's With TV Remote & Arduino

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In this instructables i will show you how to control 3 led's with everyday TV remote.

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Step 1: Video

You can also watch the video of the same or continue reading for the step by step process. Even the video has the step by step explanation

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Step 2: Things Required

1. Arduino UNO

2. Led's - 3 any color

3. Bread Board & Jumper wires

4. TSOP1738


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Step 3: Circuit Diagram & Receiver Construction

1st Image : Construct the circuit as shown

2nd Image : Pin details of TSOP1738

3rd Image : Completed receiver circuit for learning the IR codes

Step 4: Uploading Receiver Code & Retrieving the IR Code

Upload the sketch to the arduino board

Once the code is uploaded press the button you want to use. Note : Before pressing buttons open the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE

When the button is pressed you can see the codes in the serial monitor, Now note down the codes which has to be added to transmitter sketch

Note : You also need to install IR library for this sketch to work. You can download the IR library by Clicking Here

Step 5: Adding IR Codes

Once you obtain the IR codes we need to add it to the Transmitter sketch.

You need to add the codes in front of the CASE Statement as highlighted in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Image

Step 6: Final Circuit

Now construct the circuit as shown in the circuit diagram.

Step 7: Uploading & Testing

Now upload the sketch to the arduino board and test

For Testing Video CLICK HERE

Testing Starts @ 5:25


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