Introduction: Controlling RGB Led Strip With Arduino

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Hello guys , in this instructables i have controlled the RGB Led strip using Arduino.The project is quite simple we are using three potentiometers to trigger Red Green & Blue color of the RGB Led strip individually so the idea is really simple by combination of three potentiometers we can glow any particular intensity of any of the three color and as we know we can generate any color by these three Red Green & Blue color so in short by this we can make the RGB LED strip glow in any color and since ARDUINO can not provide enough power to RGB LED strip to glow so i used a IRLZZ4N Mosfet to amplify the signal to provide enough power for RGB LED strip to glow,you can use any equivalent Mosfet/Bjt any high power transistor.

Step 1: Gather Your Components

Step 2: Circuit Connection

connect all the circuit according to the given schmatics.

Step 3: Programming

The code is really simple.Upload the code shown in the image.

Step 4: Test It

so finally it is done , now varry any of 3 potentiometer to varry any of 3 (red,blue,green) color intensityand if have any issue refer video.