Controlling a Servo Motor Using Keypad

Introduction: Controlling a Servo Motor Using Keypad

The basic operations of servo motor control have been discussed in interfacing servo with 8051. This project allows the servo motor to move to an angle specified by the user. The pulse train required to rotate the servo is produced by AT89C51 microcontroller. The desired angle of rotation is provided through a 4x3 keypad interfaced to the microcontroller. A 16x2 LCD is also connected with the microcontroller to display the angle of rotation entered by the user
For circuit diagram and source code in C, please visit Servo Motor control using Keypad

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    4 years ago

    hello, i cant find the code in c. i need the link pls.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi I need help build a controller for my DC motor speed and direction control. If you can, please let me know the details are as following.

    I am looking for some help in making a plc with pwm to control my DC motor for my upcoming prototype demonstration project.
    The requirements are as following. Can you pl go thru and let me know if you can help me on this.

    To control DC motor whose specs are,
    6V or 12V supply voltage,
    15 to 30A power
    Need a microchip controller that can,
    1, Reduce the speed of the motor from 60RPM to 2rpm, Rather speed to be user adjustable from max to zero.
    2, Handling functions like CW AND CCW (clockwise and counter cwise)
    3, time based forward and revers motion: Soft start - CW for 0.5 seconds - soft stop- pause1sec - soft start CCW for 0.5 seconds – soft stop – number of cycles
    4, Alternatively proximity/touch sensor or pressure sensor based CW and CCW (the board should be capable of giving the choice to select either sensor driven or time driven by taking inputs from sensors. Taking input from sensors, can this be possible wireless?
    5, ON/OFF using remote.
    6, Number of cycles be relayed to any mobile phone GSM service or otherwise. Or just send the number of cycles to a predefined email id.
    my contact is:


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You might be better off posting on the arduino forums or on a dedicated eletronics forum..