Introduction: Controlling the Brightness of LED Using Arduino and Bluetooth Module(HC-05)


In this tutorial, we are going to control the brightness of LED using Arduino UNO, Bluetooth Module(HC-05) and Android application for Bluetooth(Bluetooth Terminal)

Step 1: Components

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Bluetooth Module(HC-05)
  3. Light Emitting Diode(Red)
  4. Resistor(1Kohm)
  5. Jumper wires
  6. Android Application:- Bluetooth Terminal(

Step 2: Schematics

Step 3: Program

Step 4: Working

The circuit is assembled and the Bluetooth communication is established.

  1. In Bluetooth communication, one character is transferred at a time.
  2. Numerical digits (0 - 9) is transferred as a character from the Android application, one at a time.
  3. Data received by Bluetooth Module(HC-05) is automatically converted to ASCII values with "0" representing 48(integer) and "9" representing 57(integer).
  4. The mapping of the values is done to control the brightness of LED, with "0" representing OFF state(0V) and "9" representing Brightest state(i.e 5V)