Controlling the Jetbot Robot From ROS

Introduction: Controlling the Jetbot Robot From ROS

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Robot Operating System (ROS) is a flexible platform (framework) for the development of robot software. This is a set of various tools, libraries and certain rules, the purpose of which is to simplify the tasks of developing robot software.

Let's consider the management of jetbot from ROS via the web interface

Step 1: Jetbot

The open source platform provides DIY developers, students and enthusiasts with everything they need to create various AI-based applications. The JetBot kit works on the basis of a small but powerful NVIDIA Jetson Nano computer that provides parallel operation of several sensors and neural networks for object recognition, collision avoidance and other tasks. All the assembly documents and a complete list of complete components for the original NVIDIA JetBot AI robot are available on GitHub (

It is possible to buy a ready-made set from third-party manufacturers. The kits are presented in various configurations, which allows you to create absolutely unique solutions. I had a set from Waveshare available. The JetBot from Waveshare is equipped with a high-quality chassis, a front-facing camera and all the necessary tools that ensure quick and easy assembly.

Unfortunately, we had to change the platform, the original one turned out to be unstable and weak engines I installed it on another platform-from the disassembled iRobot Create vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: Software

Consider installing ROS packages for management and navigation on jetbot.

We use a 64 GB SD card on which the NVIDIA JetPack image is recorded. The NVIDIA JetPack image is based on Ubuntu 18.04 OS. We will install the ROS Melodic version (

Все коды находятся в репозитории

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