Introduction: Conversation Starter

Conversation Starter

Gebruikte materialen:

PLA 3D filamen

t2x 3mm Multiplex hout 70cmx40cm


Gebruikte tools:

Hardware Wanhao 3D Printer




3x LED (kleur naar keuze)

eventuele weerstanden

1x 9V batterij1x AA batterij

1x micro draaimotor 1.5 V



Solidworks 3DCAD

Adobe Illustrator

Step 1: Lasercut Wood

Go to and download the file to lasercut the wooden panels for the box. Dimensions are 200x120x80

Lasercut hole in the top panel to make place for 3 LED's and the switcher

Step 2: Lasercut Gears

You can cut as much gears as you want to decorate the box. Sizes are also variable.

However the 2 natulis (shell) gears should be precise

Step 3: Put Everything Together

Use hot glue to put the LED's in position and don't forget the switch!

Step 4: 3D Print

To keep the micromotor in place in the box, 3d print the included file or change dimensions when needed

Step 5: Wiring Up!

Start connecting the electrical wires and keep them in place with hot glue

Step 6: Putting in Place

Wiring everything in place and connect the wires to the micromotor, switch, batteries and LED's

Step 7: Final

Glue the panels together ACCEPT the top one. This will make the box accesible to change batteries.

The shell gears are glued, one on the motor and one on a toothpick. The holes for the micormotor and toothpick should be lasercut on the front panel