Introduction: Convert an Emergency Light Into a Work Light

Step 1: Getting Started

In this instructable, I'll show you how to convert an emergency light into a work light. I replace these LED emergency light units often at my work, so instead of throwing them away, I thought of an idea to convert them into a work light. These are really useful when working on or under your car or truck, or anywhere you need a light when working on something. Plus they are pretty bright & can be adjusted in any direction.

Step 2: Materials Needed

You will need: An ELM-2 LED emergency light unit, 9v transformer, Small switch, a Short piece of wire, 2 female spade connectors, 2 wire nuts, Electrical tape, Wire cutters, Utility knife, a Drill or Dremel tool.

Step 3: Gut the Unit & Cut/strip Wires

First you will need to remove the circuit board and old batteries from unit. (Be sure to recycle anything if possible.) Next, cut and strip the 2 blue & 2 yellow wires that go to the 2 LED lights. There should be 2 wires per side.

Step 4: Cut Hole for Switch

Next you will need to cut out a hole for the switch. The switch I'm using is a simple toggle switch that has 2 prongs on the bottom. Measure the switch and mark it on the unit with a pen or pencil. Cut out with a utility knife or better yet a Dremel tool. A Dremel will be a lot quicker. Install switch into hole.

Step 5: Prepare Transformer/attach Wires

Cut the plug end off of the transformer. Strip the 2 wires. Then attach one of the spade connectors onto a wire. Now attach it to the switch. Strip the short piece of wire on both ends. Attach a spade connector to one end. Then connect that spade to the switch. Connect the other end to the yellow wires going to both LED bulbs with a wire nut. Next connect the blue wires to the other transformer wire with a wire nut. Wrap up the wire nuts with electrical tape.

Step 6: Put Cover Back On

Put the bottom cover back on then test it to make sure that it works! What's pretty cool about this is you can adjust the light in any direction & it doesn't get hot either. Enjoy!