Introduction: Convert Any Keyboard to RGB Backlit Keyboard

Do you feel like buying those crazy RGB Backlit Keyboards but budget is a problem?

Don't worry, get your old keyboard out from the attic, and buy a 5$ RGB Strip, and make on one your own!

How? Let me show you, How.

Step 1: Keep Your Old Keyboard on a Plain Surface

Step 2: Turn It Backside, and Carefully Unscrew All Screws Using a Phillips Screwdriver

There may be some screws under stickers or rubbers, make sure you don't miss them.

After unscrewing, Gently pull the back cover and separate it from the keyboard assembly.

Step 3: Cut Your RGB Strip According to the Size You Will Need for the Keyboard

This strip will not cross you more than 5$

Cut a piece of around 40cm, it should suffice.

Step 4: Align the RGB Strips in the Blank Spaces of the Keyboard, Underneath the Top Cover

Carefully, find a blank space on the top panel, and align the strip over it.

After the position is confirmed you may use Glue, Quick Adhesive or Hot Air Glue Gun to fix

Step 5: Seal Back the Cover , And, DONE.

Game On!

Step 6: That's How It Looks, Game ON.