Introduction: Convert Bose QC25 to Wireless Including Microphone for Less Than 15 Dollars!

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This is not the prettiest hack but it is the cheapest and fanciest way to make the awesome bose headphones QC25 wireless even with the microphone working!

We will need to buy only 2 cheap pieces and something to sand:

1: the nokia adapter to convert the 3.5mm headphone jack to 2.5mm bose jack (4 dollars).

2: insignia bluetooth receiver for only 10 dollars!!

3: something to sand down few mm of the adapter, I used a dremel but it can be a regular sand paper.

I was looking for the best way to make my headphones wireless, but I didnt want to pay 70 dollars for the bluetooth receiver they sell exclusively for these headphones, that by the way uses a proprietary/unique charger cable, you lose the cable and you are doomed. Also I didnt want to buy the crappy chinese bluetooth receptors that break in a week that have a long cable that will make the wireless experience not very "wirelessly" XD, so I finally found the awesome and cheap adapter from Bestbuy, charged with regular micro usb, more than 8 hours of continuous sound, and without cables so I gave it a try and it was totally worth it!!.

But because the headphones have a 2.5mm jack, the Insignia receiver cant be connected directly because the plug is 3.5mm, so I had to add a very tiny but perfect adapter made for nokia phones, in ebay you can buy cheaper ones for 1 dollars but I decided go for more quality. This adapter has has a 3.5mm hole for the bluetooth and a 2.5mm plug and it is long enough to go inside completely the headphones.

ok now the steps....they are very easy and it takes less than 1 hour to have your wireless headphones :D

Step 1: Take Off the Extra Plastic

The first thing to do is to take off the plastic cover from the adapter. it is too tick to go inside the headphones.

Step 2: Sand Down the Adapter

We need to sand down like 0.5 mm from the adapter, so I just attached the plug to the Dremel to use it as a lathe. then I took one of the sanders and reduced a little bit the outside caliber of the adapter.

Step 3: Plugging Plugging!

After losing some diameter the adapter is ready to be used. Just plug it to your bluetooth receiver and then to your headphones.

Step 4: ENJOY Wireless Sound and Microphone!!

All set!!!, pair the bluetooth receiver with your phone or computer or anything you want, follow the instructions in the inside of the box, (just press the power button, wait and pair it with your device). Then after pairing the devices just play your favorite song and VOILA!!

The hack works perfectly and when I use it for calls people hear my voice perfectly. If the battery runs out, just unplug the bluetooth receiver and charged with a normal micro usb cable. you can use the headphones cable in the mean time to keep enjoying your music!

I hope you enjoy your new wireless bose QC25!!

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