Introduction: Convert Poker Cards to Tarot Cards

You probably have a deck of poker cards around, but you may not realize that you can also use them as a tarot deck too! Tarot and poker decks have some origins in common, so bringing them back together works almost perfectly. Here's how you do it.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

You will need:

  • A standard poker deck
  • Some white paper & glue or tape OR sticky back white labels
  • A pen
  • Tarot card info

Step 2: Organize Your Cards

  1. Separate your cards by suit.
  2. Put them in order from Ace (low) to King (high)
  3. If you have your Joker cards, keep them nearby

Step 3: Measure Out Your Paper to Fit Your Cards

  1. Hold a piece of paper up to the inner edge of the number and suit
  2. Mark the inner edge of the other side
  3. Cut to fit.
  4. Use this template to cut 53 more pieces of paper just like it

Step 4: Fill in Your Tarot Suit Info

Get that pen ready, because you've got some writing to do! All of the research says that if you want to learn something, it's best you repeat it and it's best you write it with a good old fashioned pen or paper to do so.

Using this guide, write the corresponding info on top of each card in the suit. Though there is plenty of information available for each card, these little snippets will get you started. If you find you're really getting into it, you may want to pick up a tarot book.

Write on the top of each Heart card:

Tarot Suit: Cups

Symbolism: Emotions, feelings, relationships

Write on the top of each Spade card:

Tarot Suit: Swords

Symbolism: Intellect, reason, ego

Write on the top of each Diamond card:

Tarot Suit: Pentacles

Symbolism: Practicalities, material world, money

Write on the top of each Club card:

Tarot Suit: Wands

Symbolism: Creativity, action

Step 5: Fill in Your Tarot Number Info and Stick It to the Card

Now that you have your suits in place, you'll need to write the number meaning on each card.

Using this guide, write the corresponding info below the suit info for each card. You'll want to stay organized, so I recommend going in order and sticking the completed paper on the corresponding card asap so you don't confuse yourself later. You don't need to actually write the word "Ace", just use that so you know what you need to write on Ace cards.

  • Ace -- Beginning, ideas, potential
  • Two -- Balance, choice, duality, cooperation
  • Three -- Reaching, development, self-expression
  • Four-- Foundation, stability, resting
  • Five -- Disturbance, change, uncertainty
  • Six -- Harmony, stability
  • Seven -- Reflection, mystery, waiting
  • Eight -- Movement, rebuild, judgment
  • Nine -- Experience, accumulation, growth
  • Ten -- Result, completion, lesson
  • Jack -- Child, adolescent, news, moving forward, transition, adventure
  • Queen -- Mature, female, receptive
  • King -- Mature, male, giving, leading


  • Joker1 -- The Fool: Beginning, innocence, journey, spontaneity, free spirit
  • Joker2 -- The World: End, enlightenment, completion, travel, perfect unity, accomplishment

Step 6: Do a Reading!

Hey hey! Now you can do your first reading.

If all of this writing seems too much