Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 With TheYouMp3

Introduction: Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 With TheYouMp3

Have you ever wanted to save a YouTube video as an MP3 file so you could listen to it on your PC, MAC or your Phone without the need of going to YouTube. Well you have come to the right place. In this article we will teach you how to convert any YouTube video into an MP3 file.

Step 1: Open YouTube

Find the video you would like to convert to MP3 and copy the URL of that video from the address bar.

Step 2: Open TheYouMp3

Now open this website and paste that URL in the conversion box and click convert.

You will be redirected to a second page where you will see the option to download the converted file.


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    10 months ago on Introduction

    If you want to convert a video you may want to try, Beecut. It is a free app that offers basic features. Just log on to its site Beecut-how-to-convert-a-video


    3 years ago

    Thanks! Wonderful!