Introduction: Convert a Dental Floss Holder to a Sewing Kit Thread Carrier With Cutter

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A sample-sized dental floss container can be converted into a pocket sized thread carrier with a thread cutter. Nice way to carry thread and cutter for emergency hand stitching at shows, weddings, etc.

Supplies and Tools

  • One or more small dental floss holders that are thick enough your bobbin will fit inside.
  • A small-bladed tool that can cut thin plastic.
    Small wire-cutters , scissors, craft razor knife ... whatever you have.
  • A sewing machine bobbin wound with thread.

(Idea and pictures by Jan Peterson of the "Vintage Sewing Machines (Non-Singer)" Facebook group, used with her permission because she doesn't have an Instructables account)

Step 1: Modifying the Floss Container

  1. Open the container (A)
  2. Remove the spool of floss (B)
    The floss rotates on a axle of plastic, or may have several tabs making the axle. Brands vary.
  3. Decide which tabs or parts of the axle have to be removed to hold the bobbin.
  4. Cut out the necessary tabs or part of the inner axle to accommodate the bobbin. (C)
  5. Place the bobbin over the modified axle and draw the thread through the slot. (D)
  6. Close the cover.