Introduction: Convert a Punch to a Touchmark Stamp

In a previous instructable I showed how to make yourself a touchmark/logo for stamping your design. I use it for my blacksmithing, but it's good for wood, leather etc.

I thought I would take it a step further. I usually do... It occurred to me that the stamp would be cleaner and more repeatable if I used a press. Here's how:

Step 1: Tools and Materials



Angle grinder or hacksaw


Metal stamp (see my previous instructable for how to make one).

Old press/punch. Mine was £20 on eBay.

Step 2: Time for Bed

I will be using mine for hot steel, so I need to make sure that there is a flat bed for the item to be stamped. Otherwise the bottom will also be stamped.

Cut off the raised part. I welded a flat piece of iron to the round insert. This means that I can turn the 'bed' to match the piece to be stamped.

Step 3: Stamp

Now it's time to replace the stamp from the machine with your own design. If you have already made the stamp you can use it using the steps below. If you haven't, you can use the steps from my previous instructable to engrave directly into the punch head.

Using a previously made stamp:

Figure out the length required so that you can stamp the stuff that requires stamping.

Cut the tip from the old stamp.

Cut the tip from your touchmark.

Check that it correctly aligned, clamp securely and weld.

Step 4: Stamp Away...