Introduction: Convert a WBU Mister Into a Dripper for Free!

   When I first my bought Wild Birds Unlimited misting bird bath I was excited at the idea that it had a mister to attract birds. However, I soon learned that the mist actually scared the birds away. Why have a mister if it scares the birds away!? So, I got to thinking and then it hit me! Birds like the sound of dripping water. So, I quickly went to the workshop to look for something to convert my mister to a dripper and this is what I came up with.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need:

-1/2 inch plastic tubing
-small diameter metal or plastic wire
-wire cutters

Step 2: Preperation

   First thing you want to do is cut your tubing and wire to the correct lengths. The plastic tubing seems to work best at around 4-5 inches. Next, you want to cut your wire, which should be cut a tad shorter than the tubing. Finally, insert the wire into the tubing, and bend the tubing slightly to keep the wire in place. Now your ready to set it up!

Step 3: Setting It Up

   All you have to do to set this simple solution up is to push the tubing down around the plastic mister. Surprisingly, this was a little difficult to do, but eventually it fit around it for a snug fit.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Now that you have it all set up just simply fine tune the drip to a slow and periodical drip. Finally, just sit back and watch the birds flock in!

*Tip*- Once you get it dripping correctly sometimes you can turn the faucet off and it will continue to drip.