Introduction: Convert Low Voltage Wire System Lights to Wall Mounted Lights

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An easy way to use lights designed to be used in low voltage wire systems as a wall mounted light.
Since I built this some time ago, I have no step-by -step pictures, but I think it´s pretty self-explanatory and easy to reproduce.

a light for low voltage wire systems
transformator for low voltage wire systems (12 V, V/A depends on how many lights you like to power with it)
a piece of (scrap) wood
4 mm diameter aluminum bar(s)
screws and screw anchors
clamps (I used some clamps for hanging up curtains from IKEA, I think alligator clamps would work fine, too)
cable (speaker cable)

electric drill
metal saw (for cutting the aluminum bars to desired length)
soldering iron
screw driver (for attaching the cable to the transformator)
wood saw (optional, for cutting the piece of wood into the desired shape/length)

How to do:

1. Measure the distance between the connectors of the lamp, be sure to measure "center-to-center", don´t forget to keep the diameter of the bars in mind.
2. Drill two 4 mm holes into the piece of wood you chose, with a center-to-center distance of what you measured in step one.
3. Drill holes for the screws and into the wall where you would like to attach the light.
4. Put in the screw anchors.
5. Attach the piece of wood to the wall.
6. Cut the aluminum bars to desired lenght and put them into the holes you drilled in step two.
7. Attach the light to the bars now. Be sure to tighten the screws firmly, a loose connection will heat up and could provide a fire hazard! Even with low voltage!
8. Strip off the insulation at the ends of the (speaker) cable.
9. Solder the clamps to one end of the cable.
10. Attach the other end of the cable to the transformator outlets.
11. Attach the clamps to the aluminum bars. Make sure they fit tightly as loose connections could heat up like described in step seven!
12. Plug in the transformator and enjoy your new  wall lamp. (Optionally add a switch.)

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Also make sure to check out another instructable by me for building a great multi-purpose LED desktop light:

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Have fun!

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