Introduction: Convert Old Dynamo Headlight to LED Bicycle Light

Convert old dynamo headlight to LED Bicycle Light
Make an environment friendly ynamo powered bicycle LED light I have a spolit cheap dynamo light. I modify my existing bicycle light to this led light

You'll need:

  • old headlight for bicycle
  • an L-shape picture hook
  • a dynamo light
  • some wires

Step 1: Fixing the LED Blub Onto the Shelf

Take out the dynamo light. leaving the light blub.

Put the light blub onto the L-shape shelf

Step 2: Connecting the Cable of the LED Light

connect one point to the LED light and another to the other end of it

Step 3:

Connect the 2 point the bottle dynamo light.

Tata.... there you have it. A fully functionally LED light that run on dynamo