Converting Malfunctioning Bulbs Into LED Bulbs + Transformless Power Supply

Introduction: Converting Malfunctioning Bulbs Into LED Bulbs + Transformless Power Supply

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Today we will learn how to convert malfunctioning bulbs into LED bulbs.

First we will learn how to transformless power supply.

Let us start

Step 1: Circuit Diagram Explanation

we will learn how to connect all the electronic parts in the circuit.

You can use ceramic capacitor with value 343 or 447 there is no big difference.

Between the legs of the capacitor I connected in parallel a resistor of 1M ohms or 500K ohms.

The function of that resistor is to discharge the capacitor in the event of cutting the circuit. That resistor prevent electric shock.

I connected with the other terminal of the AC a resistor of 120 ohms.

The bridge rectifier convert AC into DC.

I connected the positive and negative terminals of the bridge rectifier with electrolytic capacitor.

I connected a resistor of 120 ohms with the zener diode To determine the current passing through the zener.

The LED bulb is available at the auto parts store.

The value of the zener voltage is determined according to the voltage of the LED = 12V

Step 2: Practical Part

At first I connected the resistor in parallel with the capacitor.

I welded a blue wire as an AC outlet with one end of the capacitor, and then isolated the weld by heat shrink Tube.

I connected the other terminal (L) of the AC with a 120 ohm resistor with blue wire.

I soldered the four terminals of bridge rectifier.

I collected the two blue wires together as AC input.

After that I connected the electrolytic capacitor.

I connected the red wire as positive and the black wire as negative.

I cut a piece of heat shrinck to isolat all parts.

Before isolation i tested the circuit first.

Step 3: Testing the Circuit + Cutting the Bulb

Next part Is How to mountain the LED inside the bulb.

I cut the aluminum part in the front of the lamp using the saw.

I emptied the inside of the lamp with glass and wires.

I used a glue gun to mountain the LED with Bulb. You can use hot melt glue gun.

The terminals of the bulb is the metal body and the head of the bulb.

I connected the head body to the positive terminal of the LED bulb , and the lamp head to the negative terminal.

After four hours the silicon will dry.

I cleaned the metal bulb head with an old toothbrush.

You can use adhesive metal paper with the metal bulb head to check the quality of connection.

I hope that project has earned your admiration.


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