Introduction: Converting My Bluetooth Headset Into Bluetooth Speakers

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My Headset is not powering by its self anymore, only powers when I connect the micro-USB connector charging,

the battery is already dead and one of the speakers is not working. But the Bluetooth is still working without any problem.

Today I will show you how to make your own Bluetooth speaker.

Step 1: What You Need

A Broken Headset/ Bluetooth speaker circuit

2 pairs of 6-ohm speaker

Audio Jack (optional) -only if you want to connect it with earphones.

Li-ion (like the 18650) /Li-Po Battery -the capacity of the battery depends on you.

TP4056 charging and protections - if the charging circuit is not working.


Soldering iron.

Longnose Pliers

Flat Screwdriver

Step 2: Opening and Salvage the Circuit.

If your headset has screws, then it should be easy to open. but is there are no screws, Carefully open the sides of the headset with (Flat screwdriver and long nose pliers).

Locate the circuit on each side of the headset, then carefully remove it. Easier to remove it if is a screw. The Circuit should look like this Picture.

And cut the wires that are connected to the circuit

If you successfully remove it from the Headset, you can go to step 2.

Step 3: Identify the Connections

Look for the connections of the 2 speakers. its either labeled like R+,L+,GND or Right+,Left+ , GND and the input battery power Positive(+) and Negative(-) .

Like on the picture.

Solder the Wires from thespeaker's pins(- and +) to thespeakers (- and +) and the battery + and - to the B+ and B- respectively, follow the circuit schematic.

You can connect the speaker jack to the output. (with or without the 2 pairs of speakers)

If your circuit doesn't have R- and L- but GND. then connect the negative of both speakers in GND

Step 4: Test the Bluetooth and the Sound

Connect your Phone/Computer Bluetooth to your Bluetooth speaker circuit.

Once connected, try to play music or sound to whether there's music/sound coming from the speaker or not,

if not, then check the speaker's connection or check the sound Volume of your Phone/Computer and Adjust it to Max. (REMINDER, If you use the Earphone from the Audio Speaker jack, lower the volume, just be safe to your ears)

(be sure to check your connections)

if it works, you should hear your music/sound.

Step 5: Finished

You finish your Bluetooth Speaker.

One big disadvantage is the sound might not hear the sound or your music when played when you're far away from the speakers and medium volume, even high volume. it can be heard least closer to you.

Feel free to comment down below to ask questions about the DIY.

If you make your own Bluetooth Speaker/Earphone. please share.

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Reminder: Always to have knowledge about electronics and think about safety first before, during, and after making the project. Safety First.