Introduction: Converting Myford Cross Slide to a Drumond Lathe.

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Having obtained a Drumund Lathe I was curious whether the Myford Cross slide could be converted to fit it . I ordered the parts from Myford and started to look at the problem . I ordered the cross slide and low section .

Step 1: ML7 Top Slide Conversion for Drumund Lathe.

After removing my top slide I noticed My existing slide had an 1" hole cut into it so that the original tool holder could fit into it by way of a shallow placed pin . The New Myford slide positioned on top perfectly. Although it was meant to be located by bolts on to the surface. I felt that it cold be improved on by drilling into the bottom of it and making a 1 " peg that would fit into my vertical slide.

Step 2: Underneath the Old Top Slide.

I could see that a beg went into the bottom cross slide to secure it onto the lathe. The New part from Myford arrived and I was able to dry fit it.

Step 3: Making the Bottom Fit the Cross Slide.

I made a small plate like the old plate that was attached to the cross slide to mark a new one that would bolt through the existing holes and created a screw thread position for the bolt to secure the lower braket of the top slide.

Step 4: Cutting Down the Bottom of the Top Slide.

I had the top of the slide cut down so that it was originally 19mm This was to fat to place the tool at the correct working height its was milled of in a very old large mill to 7.91 mm.