Introduction: Converting RC Touring Tires Into Drift Tires With Plastic Cup

Drift rc wheel is very expensive, but if you can convert your standard touring tires into drift tires by using electricity tape or plastic cup.

Step 1: The Tools

You need
1. RC car
2. 4 Plastic cups
3. Scissors/cutter
4. Screwdriver to take off the wheel.

Step 2: Take of the Tires and Put Into the Plastic Cup

Take of the tires of your rc one by one and put into the plastic cup. Press the wheel until it tighten up so the wheel won't slip out from the plastic cup.

Step 3: Cut the Plastic Cup

Cut the plastic cup as wide as your wheel and make sure it won't slip out when the wheel in contact with the track. Repeat the second to third instruction for yhe other wheels.

Step 4: Put Back the Wheel.

Put back the wheels and your touring RC is ready for drifting. Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english :9