Introduction: Converting Stepper Into Game Movements


This device converts movement from a home-made stepper (step machine) to game movement. It will work for any game that receives ("w") as forward movement. It can work for VR games as well if they accept keyboard input. It probably won't work for console games (haven't tested it).

Watch the youtube video I made for a demonstration and explanation.

What you will need:

- Arduino Micro (Or Arduino Leonardo Or Arduino Due) - x1

(note: other arduinos won't work)

- IR Infrared Line Track Follower Sensor TCRT5000 - x6

- Breadboard

- Dupoint wires (male to female)

-Anything that can hold the sensors vertically like a piece of wood or plastic

Step 1: Do the Following Connections

-All grounds to common source

-All voltages to common source

-Output of each sensor will go to digital 9, digital 8, digital 7, digital 6, digital 5 and digital 4.

Step 2:

Attach white stripes to the pedal of your stepper

Step 3: Place All the Sensors on Anything That Can Hold It Vertically.

Attach all the 6 sensors to anything that can hold it vertically. In my case it was a universal circuit board and a piece of sheet metal I found in a storage room. Attach them with either screws, duct tape or hot glue (it's best you use screws)

Make sure the distance between the uppermost sensor and the lowest sensor is the same as the distance between the highest and lowest region the stepper pedal can get to. Space the other 4 sensors evenly between them. Place the arduino somewhere there too, so it won't be in the way.

Step 4: Burn This Code From the Arduino From Github

Burn the following code from github to your arduino